Our Services

Water-Tank Cleaning

  • Water-Tanks like Home tanks, Residential Building Tanks, Industrial Tanks are cleaned by “German Technology” based Hi-pressure water jets along with “Eco-friendly” Neem extract based liquid cleansers.
  • We do not use any kind of Chemicals as after cleaning small amounts of chemical products remain inside the tank which gets mixed with our water and can pose threat to our health and lead to hair fall, skin infection or rashes, dysentery and vomiting.
  • We clean all size and shapes of water Tanks at affordable costs.

Hi-Pressure Jet Cleaning

  • We believe is using the Best technology. Hence we use World’s best German technology hi-pressure Jet machines for cleaning surfaces. Hi-pressure jet machines are used for cleaning following purposes:
    • Surrounding areas
    • Terraces
    • Building Wash
    • Swimming Pools
    • Natural and Artificial Ponds
    • Religious Structures (Temple, Churches, Mosques etc)
    • Railway Car sheds
    • Hotel Kitchens


  • We provide housekeeping services to following sectors:
    • Residential Societies
    • Commercial Complex
    • Offices
    • Banks
    • Restaurant
    • Malls
    • Resorts

Flat Cleaning

  • This is a Unique service designed for all those individuals who want to save their precious time. We clean any Flat in 5 hours.
  • Give your Wife, Mother, Yourself a gift of cleaning their house spick n span without any hard work.
  • Relax on your holidays and spend the precious time with your family and leave the responsibility of Cleaning your House to us.
  • You can always take a package of cleaning house + Home tanks.
  • We clean the following things:
    • Living Room
    • Bedroom
    • Kitchen
    • Toilets n Washrooms
    • Windows & Grills
    • Furniture
    • Lights, Fans, Exhaust systems, Chandeliers, Switch boards etc.

CCTV Surveillance

  • Why stake life of our loved ones, provide them with total safety and security in our absence.
  • We provide a total survey of the area and then as per our Expert recommendations provide you different options in Quotations as per the needs.
  • We Provide CCTV surveillance to following areas:
    • Residential Buildings
    • Offices
    • Malls
    • Commercial Complex
    • Schools
    • Government sectors
    • Industries
    • Religious structures
    • Banks
    • Restaurant, Resorts

Pest Control

  • Get rid off from the unwanted Pests.
  • We provide completely Eco-friendly and Odourless Pest control services.
  • We provide following Pest control services:
    • General Pest control (Cockroach, Ants, Fruit flies, House-flies)
    • Rodent’s control
    • Termite Control
    • Bed-bugs control

Sanitization and disinfection Services

  • Professional high-quality sanitization and Disinfection Service.
  • To protect you and your loved once from harmful deadly virus & bacteria like covid-19.
  • We provide high quality sanitization chemicals.
  • Automated machines are used for the process of sanitization and disinfection service.

Society Housekeeping

  • A unique housekeeping service initiated for our residential client for a great cleaning experience.
  • We provide a systematic cleaning process for your entire property.
  • We provide services like collection of garbage from dustbins, sweeping of floor, Mopping & dusting, Sweeping of surrounding areas, and other special services.
  • Our housekeeping person are all verified and checked before deploying at your property.
  • We have specialized trained team which will work in your society premises taking care of every cleaning need of your society