About Captain Clean

Captain Clean was established in the year 2010, since then it has been a pioneer in cleaning Industry. Our primary aim is to create awareness among Indian people about importance of clean water, health and hygiene.

CAPTAIN CLEAN 'S ultimate mission is "Clean India Healthy India".

As there are numerous water - borne diseases prevailing hence we personally want that all the citizens should have clean drinking water as water being the basic necessity of life.

We specialize in water tank cleaning through herbal Eco-friendly liquids and hi-tech jet water cleaning instruments and Housekeeping services for residential complex, schools, corporate offices, multiplex, shopping malls, educational institutions, government institutions, religious institutions etc. It also includes cleaning of all kinds of water storage like tanks like swimming pools, water supplying system etc.

We are the pioneer’s in bringing in the newest hi-tech German technology. The cleaning services we provide are through modern and scientific machines which provide complete and hygienic cleaning.

CAPTAIN CLEAN services are designed keeping in mind eco-friendly measures as well as the newest scientific technology. We have expert staff to offer cleaning services with state-of-the-art imported cleaning equipment’s.

Our Ideology & Values

To "Magically" Enhance Quality of Life of People.


Customer Service


Team Work

Team of Captain Clean

Anant Gaikwad


We strive to strike a balance between the latest Scientific Technology and Eco-friendly based products so as to give our clients the finest cleaning services.

Bharti Gaikwad


We at Captain Clean aim to make our organization an exciting and rewarding place to work, a place where you can achieve your full potential both as an individual and as a part of team.

Rashmi Gaikwad


It is our dream of "CLEAN INDIA HEALTHY INDIA" through which we would make every individual of our country HEALTHY & SAFE with supporting "SWACCHA BHARAT ABHIYAN".

Raj Gaikwad


We at Captain Clean ensure to provide high quality and valueable service to our clients and make sure to achieve our mission of "CLEAN INDIA HEALTHY INDIA" to serve our client a great cleaning experience and environment.